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Turn on the television, surf the internet or open a copy of your favorite magazine and it doesn’t take long before you are confronted with images of beauty, perfection and weight loss. From shoes that promise to make young girls skinnier to pills that offer the magic cure to a beautiful body, it’s no wonder body image problems, eating disorders and bullying are at an all time high, while self confidence in girls is at an all time low.

B.A.M. is dedicated to creating strong, healthy, self confident, young women and providing them the skills needed to thrive even in the toughest of situations.

Join us for on Nov 8th for a Night of Beautiful and Amazing Women from Our Community


Meet The B.A.M. Team

Tricia Davis

Trish Davis has a B.S. degree in Education and has over 20 years experience working with girls. As Director for Teen Programs at Girls Inc. the largest organization dedicated exclusively to inspiring girls to be “smart, strong and bold”, Trish learned first-hand the power of early intervention in building girl’s self confidence. Prior to her role at Girls Inc, Trish served as Children’s Crisis Counselor for the Family Planning Team in Florida, working with teenage girls. Being a veteran swimmer and having a love for physical activity, Trish is better known in the DFW area as “Trish the Fish” and has taught hundreds of children and adults to swim. Trish is dedicated to reaching out to girls and sharing her life experience and helping them to live a healthy, strong lives.
Paige Killian

Since receiving her B.S. degree from Baylor University in Exercise Physiology, Paige has made living a healthy lifestyle a top priority. Paige developed and taught an educational program at Texas Christian University designed to promote healthy lifestyles and self confidence in girls. Throughout her professional career, Paige has worked in the health industry as an exercise rehabilitation therapist and consultant. Paige’s passion is working with young women who struggle with self-esteem, weight control, and body image. Through B.A.M., Paige’s goal is to help girls feel strong, confident and have self-respect.
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About our Retreats:

B.A.M. retreats are designed for girls ages 8-11 and are hosted at the beautiful Texas Star Ranch in Weatherford, TX. Our last retreat June 8th-10th was an incredible experience. Give us your email in the box above so we can let you know about upcoming events

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Photo sent to us from one of our B.A.M. girls (age 11) after a retreat

BAM girls with the inspirational amputee athlete Jennifer Clark

"Kiersten is still on CLOUD NINE after her girl-power-packed BAM retreat! She shared stories about her new friends, their cabin, swimming, movie night, nature, tasting new foods, hula hooping, sand volleyball, yoga, and Zumba! She showed us her binder (page by page), showed off her arts and crafts, and demonstrated her favorite yoga poses!!! Thank you Trish, Paige, all of the guest "teachers", and new friends for giving her an inspirational and empowering weekend that will last a lifetime!!!!!! :)) "

-Jennifer Hart (mother of daughter, age 11)

"Please know the time, energy and love that you gave to these girls will forever impact them. Alyssa came home from the retreat with such a peaceful confidence about her. I am overjoyed that her experiences this weekend helped reinforce and plant the seeds for a healthier perspective on beauty and life choices. I am still at a loss for words at Jennifer Clark's story. Her courage to accept her situation with her leg, then seek out options so that she can live life to its fullest is such an incredible example for us all. Alyssa and I will never forget it, and I will revisit her story in our family forever. Ihope Jennifer knows what a gift she has given to us. Thank you for a incredible retreat."

-Allison Poston (mother of daughter, age 10)

"Leave it to these two energetic talented, hilarious and wonderfully caring ladies to give your daughter a fun- filled weekend full of laughs, health and hope! She'll return to you with a heart brimming with self re...spect, acceptance of differences in herself and other's and an optimistic perspective that could help her thrive for a lifetime. B.A.M was a great success and Ruthie had a blast! Next year, if you live in Texas you must send your daughter! Ruthie will be a camp counselor next year! Woo-Hoo! What a privilege! Thank you for a rare treat, Tricia and Paige! I'm so proud of all the work you guys put into making all of this happen! Now I hope you can get some good sleep ;)"

-Heather McCreedy (mother of daugher, age 13)

“We were thrilled to have our daughter in the B.A.M. program!! It was a way to reinforce messages that we are trying to share at home, including healthy eating, positive body image, physical activity, and how to be confident. It is wonderful to have a program during the pre-teens that helps to reinforce positive messages, in an environment with other kids, as opposed to the lecture format of parents which doesn’t always prove to be successful.”

-Jill Black (mother of daughter, age 12)


Listen to Trish and Paige on the "Not So Perfect Parent Radio Show (BAM segment begins at 18:00- originally aired on 2-26-12)

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